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Dear visitors:

welcome to the play-piano.info website!

This new website is all about how to efficiently improve your piano playing skills, focussing on learning famous tunes and how to improvise and play along without sheet music.

Many of you have had lessons playing classical music on the Piano, and are maybe interested in also playing pop, rock, or jazz songs for fun or with more serious interest.

One way of learning how to play a particular song is by video instruction. So on this website we provide links to over 2000 songs where you can follow how to learn to play a particular song. Just search the song you are looking for on the search bar on the right hand side and play along!

Also, we will in the future upload information about how to choose a digital piano or grand piano, and how to learn how to play piano songs without sheets.

Finally, for those who already know the basic, you can also get the chords of any song you are looking for to play them easily. Moreover, we will put up stuff on how to improvise to improve your playing skills!

You can always leave comments on this website even without registering, and I will try to answer them and maybe upload new videos if requested.

Have fun!

  2 Responses to “Welcome to play-piano.info”

  1. Thanks for this post, I am a big big fan of this website would like to go along updated.

  2. Yes we will try to kep it updated! keep you posted on new videos!

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